Electrical distribution

In the electrical distribution field we have a long tradition and a proven experience, gained on the field thanks to the several applications developed. We have developed systems for acquiring field signals from distribution switches and measuring instruments located in medium, low and high voltage cabins.


In this field we can provide added value by making available all our know-how, from design phase to development and commissioning.


In our applications we acquire signals from the field 
    through PLC, remote I/O, dedicated hardware, protections (es. Siprotec,
    Sepam, REF, Thytronic, ecc.), etc.
    through the most varied field protocols (Modbus, Profibus, Industrial
    Ethernet, etc.) and dedicated protocols such as IEC-61850.


We process data by means of PLCs of every brand and model, developing functional procedures such as: 
    Management of comments,
    Automatic sequences of network failure and recovery, exchange of uprights, etc.
    Sequences of "Load Sharing" and "Load Shedding",
    Alarm and event management,


By means of supervision system we realize
    Graphical representation of the status, events and alarms of the system,
    Archiving of alarms and events,
    Management of controls for switches, disconnectors and each control element,
    Data interfacing with higher systems,
    Remote management / display of the system with PC or web client.


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