F.M. Automation is specialized in the design and implementation of systems and equipment for industrial automation, we provide innovative solutions and services by designing and creating automations and electrical panels. 



The company adopt an ISO9001 quality management system for all activities of designing and setting up machinery and process automation software systems.

Is currently certified ISO9001:2015.


 Certificate n.9150.FMAU.pdf



We offer historical and in-depth skills for:
- Electrical distribution,
  design and implementation of automation systems for managing HV / MV / LV networks,
  network failure / restore sequences, Load Sharing / Shedding functions.
- Power,
  Energy Management System in compliance with ISO 50001,
  data acquisition, collection and storage, real-time data aggregation, reporting
  to minimize energy consumption.

- Railway
  Systems for data acquisition and supervision in the railway industry with interfacing
  to existing DOTE systems with IEC-60870 and IEC-61850 protocols

- Chemical and pharmaceutical
  Automation and supervision of FDA CFR21 Part11 "compliance" processes and machines,
  with particular experience also in the realization of "revamping" and updating of
  existing machines (autoclaves, filter dryers, reactors, freeze-dryers, etc.).

- "Automotive"
  automation systems for lines and machines present in this sector

- Thermoforming
  dedicated automations for thermoforming machines

- and so on :-)


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